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Filler Protect Refill 30ml

    Filler Protect Refill 30ml

    Used up your amazing filler protect? We now offer a great economical refill option. Our refill comes in a biodegradable pouch with an easy spout to refill into your existing glass filler protect bottle.
    Simply refill from the pouch and help save the environment while saving money!
    Filler Protect is an amazing revolutionary product that will change your skin for the better.
    Have you spent hundreds or even thousands on dermal filler procedures and want the product to stay looking fresh? Then filler protect is for you our amazing actives help provide topical hydration and support for your skin to help it keep looking plump and refreshed. It will help to keep your filler protected! Filler protect is great for people who haven't used filler too! It works great on all skin types.

    - Our actives are proven to help hydrate your skin and keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay.
    - Non-irritating and safe for use on lips and under-eye area.
    - Australian made
    - Vegan and Natural ingredients
    - Cruelty-free

    Directions: Apply with damp hands all over face follow with your favourite moisturiser. 
    ***Please note this product is the same but the packaging is not in a glass bottle these pouches are made to be empty and recycled.***

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