What are Enzymes in Skin Care?

January 13, 2022 2 min read

What are Enzymes in Skin Care?

Enzymes are biological catalysts, so they help speed up the chemical reactions necessary to support life. Since skin care products use a lot of enzymes, it’s no surprise that enzymes in skin care can have some pretty cool results! In this article, we’ll cover what enzymes are and how they work, as well as the benefits you can expect when you add them to your skincare routine.

Why put enzymes on your face?

Enzymes have been shown to have numerous benefits for skin. From treating acne to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, enzymes can help to improve your skin’s health. But what exactly are enzymes and how do they work?

The difference between exfoliation and enzyme serums

Exfoliation is physical, whereas enzymes are natural and biodegradable. Exfoliators use abrasive material to slough off dead skin cells, like ground walnut shells or pumice. Enzyme serums contain live enzymes that work from within your skin to gently remove dead cells naturally and leave a fresher complexion. They can be used with any exfoliant or on their own—it’s a personal preference!

The best enzyme serums for oily, combination and dry skin

Natural enzymes, like papain and bromelain, help speed up cell turnover rate. The enzymes found in natural skin care products break down dead skin cells, making way for new cells to come forth. Research has shown that using a product containing papain results in smoother, fresher looking skin after just two weeks of use. Your sensitive areas — such as your neck or eye area — can benefit from gentle exfoliation with a product containing papaya extract and pineapple enzyme extract.

This multi-purpose ingredient does a lot for your complexion: when used topically, it removes dead skin cells, brightens dark spots and evens out uneven tones. Find them in our enzymatic range today

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