The Facts about Resveratrol and What You Need to Know

September 07, 2021 2 min read

The Facts about Resveratrol and What You Need to Know

Resveratrol has been shown to be an ingredient that extends the lifespan of animals and has other potential health benefits, but we still don’t know all the facts about it and how it works in the body. Here are some key things you need to know about resveratrol and what studies have shown so far about this ingredient.

1) What is Resveratrol?
A compound found in certain plants, resveratrol is most commonly associated with red wine. Also known as trans-3,4′,5-trihydroxystilbene or phytoalexin, resveratrol has received recent media attention for its antioxidant properties. While it has long been used in traditional medicine in Eastern cultures, scientific research on resveratrol is relatively new. Most recently, studies have focused on its relationship with cancer treatment.

2) How does it benefit your skin?
Resveratrol can increase skin elasticity, which helps prevent wrinkles. A study showed that topically applied resveratrol also helps reverse signs of skin aging by stimulating collagen production. And thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, it can help protect against UV damage. Resveratrol is found in our hero product Filler Protect. Find out more about this amazing product here.

3) What is the best age to use resveratrol?
The only way to be certain of how resveratrol will affect you is through experimentation, but most people use it when they’re looking for an anti-aging supplement. Typically, people start using it when they’re in their 40s or 50s because that’s when the signs of aging really start popping up.

4) Resveratrol in skincare
Resveratrol has been found in lab studies to have a positive effect on collagen production, an important aspect of youthful skin. But like most things when it comes to your skin, overdoing it is likely not going to be beneficial. If you’re looking for optimal results in your skincare products, resveratrol should be used in moderation—just like everything else.

Introducing this amazing ingredient into your skincare will help stimulate collagen production. If you want smooth, supple skin, consider incorporating resveratrol into your daily skincare routine. 

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